Letters of recommendation

To whom it may concern

You will have been directed to these pages by a student or an organisation as they have asked for your support in their application for a grant for the academic year 2021-22 from the Gordon Memorial College Trust Fund. Please note that the student or organisation will not be considered for a grant without the relevant letters of recommendation. Please would you send your letter of recommendation on your departmental or official letterhead to arrive by 10th March 2021 at the latest either electronically to:


or by post to the address shown above.

It would be helpful to the Committee if in your response you could comment on the following matters

For individual applicants

  • the suitability and aptitude of the student for the course
  • the quality of their work if known to you
  • the financial position of the student, and their need for a grant from the GMCTF
  • the student's proficiency in English in relation to the course
  • information on the student's plans to return to South Sudan/Sudan on completion of the course

For applicants applying on behalf of an organisation

  • Please indicate your standing in relation to the organisation/applicant
  • Please comment on the viability of the proposed activity or project
  • Please give your opinion of the importance of this activity or project for South Sudan or Sudan
  • Please comment on the proposed budget for the activity/project

We should also be grateful if you would kindly include your telephone number and email address.

Many thanks for your assistance.